NREL Renewable Energy Finance Tracking Initiative - User's Manual

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The Renewable Energy Project Finance Tracking Initiative (REFTI) is designed to gain insight on important trends in renewable energy (RE) project development, the effectiveness of government programs designed to spur RE private investment, and to assemble accurate inputs to financial models developed by NREL and utilized by many members of the RE community.

Presented here are a few key considerations that will help us attain the best data possible. For further information and guidance on specific questions, please download the User's Manual.

  • Data Privacy: Your data privacy is of critical importance to NREL. We plan to aggregate all data so that information regarding a specific project cannot be discerned by anyone looking at the presentation of results. NREL will not publish any technology-specific data without at least 4 data points.
  • Projects to Report: The REFTI questionnaire is primarily focused on projects that have reached financial closure in a particular quarter (i.e., three month period) of the year. The first question on Page 2 (third question overall) asks about all projects in development as well as those that reached financial closure. All other questions seeking financing information are specifically focused on projects that reached financial closure in the quarter.
  • Potential Double-Counting at Your Firm: More than one individual at your firm may be in our REFTI database. NREL would like to minimize any double-counting of project. If you wish to know who else at your firm was contacted, please email Michael Mendelsohn.
  • Minimizing Inaccurate Entries: If you desire to not answer a question, please make sure the entry is left blank (if you scroll through options to view, software may leave the last viewed option as the selected answer).
  • Required Responses: None. All responses are voluntary. REFTI participants are not required to answer any specific question. But the value of the project is directly correlated to the availability of accurate data; we encourage you to fill out as much of the questionnaire as possible.
  • U.S. Only: We are seeking info on U.S. projects only
  • Technologies: Most REFTI questions ask the participant to distinguish their answers by one of nine technology types (including a catch-all “Other Technology” category for unique projects or where the questionnaire respondent desires to reduce transparency of the information provided). Solar CSP refers to Concentrating Solar Power and generally includes large scale, electricity-producing technologies such as parabolic troughs (e.g., the currently operating Solar Energy Generating Systems, or SEGS, units) and central receivers (also known as power towers). Solar thermal (non-elec) refers to smaller scale passive or active solar thermal designs often deployed to heat water for swimming pools and domestic and commercial hot water systems or heat air for domestic or commercial space conditioning applications.
  • Project Involvement: Please provide information only for projects you were directly involved in developing, financing, consulting to, etc. (i.e., don’t “pass along” information for projects that you know of but didn’t work directly on). Questionnaire Design: REFTI is designed to acquire valuable information from all facets of the RE industry, from the small developer of photovoltaic systems to the largest corporations developing, financing and consulting on projects hundreds of MW in size. If the questionnaire does not ask the questions, or offer responses, relevant to your project development, please let us know.


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May, 2010