About NREL's Finance Analysis Team

Welcome to NREL's RE Finance Analysis website! NREL's Project Finance team conducts research, performs analysis, and produces content aimed to inform decision makers in the renewable energy field. We cover topics ranging from:

Renewable energy project financing is complex.

Successful financing for new facilities requires knowledge of federal tax credits, state-level incentives, renewable attribute markets, renewable technology installation and operation costs and many other site-specific considerations. In addition, the financing structures available vary widely depending on who you are (federal agency, state and local government, investor-owned or municipal utility, commercial, business, or homeowner) and may differ depending on the size of the system (distributed vs. a mid-size system that feeds directly into the grid ("wholesale DG"), vs. utility-scale). The website compiles a library of information, reports, and analysis tools on many of these issues. The Finance Analysis Team produces original, objective, credible analysis about renewable energy project financing to explore market and state-level incentives, project financing structures, and other important and timely issues.

  • project-level finance (terms, structures, and innovations);
  • renewable energy policy at the national, state and municipal level;
  • state-of-the-market for most commercial and some emerging renewable technologies; and
  • high renewable penetration scenarios.

Our audience includes: potential and existing investors in renewable energy generation projects; utilities and their regulators; policymakers; and DOE program managers. Renewable energy project finance is a very dynamic field, and as such we strive to provide up-to-date reporting and analysis that tracks market and political developments. Our team members bring a diversity of backgrounds and experience, which uniquely qualifies us for this mission.